24 Years Of Experienece
24 Years Of Experienece

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Businesses are always looking for ways to save money and work smarter — especially in uncertain times. Additionally, with many companies reducing their office building use, finding ways to lower overhead and utility costs — especially when the building is barely in use — has become a priority for many. 

What if the way to improve your energy bill and make your company’s building “smarter” was through your ethernet connection? Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an innovative solution that can revolutionize the energy use of your company. 

What Is Power over Ethernet (PoE)?

Power over Ethernet involves using ethernet connections to power connected devices. While using these connections to power devices has always been a possibility, the technology to make that a reality hasn’t been possible — until now. 

Many devices in your company are connected through ethernet, such as phones and computers. In the past, these machines required more energy than could be transmitted through ethernet. However, these and other devices have reduced energy requirements (such as LED lights) so using ethernet is now an option. 

In addition to powering devices that intrinsically require less energy consumption, ethernet allows you to collect energy and other data from devices. You can then use this data to integrate with other devices, leading to energy savings and other helpful functions. As a result, you can receive an abundance of insight and advantages which can lead to further energy savings and other exciting advancements. 

Energy Benefits of PoE

PoE has a number of design elements that lead to improved energy use, along with potential for other energy-saving applications. 

  1. Energy bill savings. LED lights through PoE require less energy than traditional lighting solutions. Further, installation is less expensive. 
  2. Safety. PoE doesn’t require potentially dangerous, high-voltage, expensive electrical work like traditional lighting. With low-voltage and minimal installation steps, your electrical risks are reduced. 
  3. Security. With PoE lighting, there are fewer outages than are experienced with traditional wiring solutions, which can lead to the potential of fewer days interrupted by outages. And this reliable lighting can be used for security purposes. 
  4. Productivity. You can easily adjust PoE lighting to various warmth levels, shades and intensity. Since lighting influences mood and well-being, you can help promote environments where people feel happy and are more productive. 
  5. Smart integrations. You can easily integrate “smart” features into lighting, such as motion sensors, so that energy use can be optimized and easy to use. 
  6. Data insights. Because ethernet carries data, you can get reports and insights into energy use, which can translate into further energy savings. 

Along with safety and innovation, PoE allows you to revolutionize your lighting — and energy bill savings — like never before. 

How You Can Get PoE For Your Business

Are you interested in installing PoE in your business? Contact Castle Electric. We can help you evaluate your business’ lighting needs and determine how installing PoE can change the way you light your business, save money and improve security for your company.