Improve Energy Usage and Emergency-Readiness with The SPAN Electrical Panel

Need a new electrical panel or are you updating your home and making it more “smart”? One of the best moves you can make is to upgrade to a SPAN panel. Whether you want to add an electric car charger, solar power, a backup battery, or simply want to save money on electrical bills, the SPAN panel can help.

SPAN panels allow for smart, resilient energy usage and a smartphone app that allows you to monitor and manage energy use. This panel can be a game-changer for energy use within your home. To learn more about the future of electrical panels and if one is right for your home or building, read on.

What Is a SPAN Electrical Panel?

In the past, panels were designed mainly for safety. If a circuit was overloaded, it would simply turn off. However, technology and homes’ electrical needs have greatly advanced since electrical panels were first created.

The SPAN electrical panel moves beyond simple energy flow and overload. Instead, it can help channel energy to the necessary parts of the home, while conserving it in others. Further, it connects to a smartphone app that allows you to monitor energy usage, as well as manually turn circuits on and off as needed. However, these features are just the beginning of the benefits to your home.

Benefits of SPAN Panels

Apart from its expanded capacities from a traditional panel, the SPAN panel has a number of additional advantages.

  • Connection. SPAN panels can connect to your smartphone so you can monitor energy usage and control where energy is being delegated. As a result, you can save money and manage your home electricity from anywhere.
  • Resiliency. Since SPAN panels can monitor and manage energy, they do not have the same “overload” problems that traditional electrical panels have. As a result, there are fewer chances of “blowing a fuse” or other outages in your home.
  • Solar smart. Using a SPAN panel with solar power is a no-brainer. Through the smartphone app, the panel monitors how much energy is being generated, used in your home, and stored in a backup battery (if you have one).
  • Backup batteries. If you have a backup battery for your home, the SPAN panel can allocate energy to it as needed and show you how much energy the battery has. Since the panel can also allow you to turn the energy on and off in certain parts of your house, you can strategize how much energy you want to use from the battery if needed.
  • Cost-effectiveness. The SPAN circuit helps excess energy from flowing to unnecessary places. Plus, with your ability to monitor and control energy flow, you can save money based on your energy use.
  • Electric car savings. Installing an electric car charger may involve upgrading your entire home’s electrical system, especially if you live in an older house. However, a SPAN panel may help you avoid this issue and save charging costs because of its ability to conserve energy.
  • Emergency-friendly. Because of its battery, on/off, and solar features, the SPAN panel is great for emergencies. With power outages rising in frequency, it’s best to be prepared with an energy-smart device.
  • Eco-friendly. Since the SPAN panel helps you use less energy and can utilize solar energy, the panel allows you to be more eco-friendly. The app even tells you how much fossil fuel, coal, and how many trees you have saved through your energy use changes.

The SPAN panel is not only the “smart” future of energy panels, it brings significant value to your home, finances, and the environment.

Next Steps

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