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In the bustling city of Newton, MA, electrical issues in homes and businesses can range from a minor inconvenience to a significant safety hazard.

Castle Electric is dedicated to providing not just solutions but also education on common electrical problems, their causes, prevention methods, and when to call in the experts for electrical repair.

Here’s an overview of some frequent electrical issues you might encounter, along with professional advice on how to handle them. Read on to learn more or simply give our Norwood and Newton electricians a call if you have any questions or need to schedule service!

1) Flickering Lights

Cause: Flickering lights often signal an excessive load on your electrical system. This could be due to high-demand appliances pulling more power than the circuit can handle.

Prevention and Fix: To prevent this, ensure that high-consumption devices are spread out across multiple circuits. If flickering persists, Castle Electric can identify the root cause and may suggest installing additional circuits or upgrading your existing system to accommodate the load.

2) Multiple Appliances on One Circuit

Cause: Having too many appliances on a single circuit is a common oversight that can lead to circuit overload and tripping breakers.

Prevention and Fix: The key is to distribute your appliances more evenly across different circuits. If necessary, Castle Electric can install additional circuits or increase the capacity of existing ones, ensuring each appliance has the power it needs without overloading your system.

3) Electrical Shorts

Cause: Electrical shorts, often resulting from damaged wires or improper wiring, can be dangerous, leading to sparks or even fires.

Prevention and Fix: Regular inspections can help identify and rectify potential hazards before they escalate. Castle Electric’s experts are skilled in locating shorts quickly and fixing them to prevent further issues.

4) Overheating Light Switches

Cause: Overheating switches can indicate faulty wiring or an overload. Ignoring this can compromise your safety.

Prevention and Fix: If a switch feels unusually hot, stop using it immediately and consult with Castle Electric. Our team can repair or replace faulty wiring, ensuring your switches operate safely and efficiently.

5) Incorrect Electrical Hookups for New Appliances

Cause: New appliances may come with specific electrical requirements that differ from your home’s existing outlets or circuits.

Prevention and Fix: Before installing new appliances, check their electrical specifications. Castle Electric can help by ensuring that your home’s electrical system matches these requirements, optimizing the performance and safety of your new appliance.

6) Inoperative Plugs

Cause: Outlets that don’t work could signal a tripped breaker, a blown fuse, or more serious wiring issues.

Prevention and Fix: Check your breaker box first; a simple reset might solve the problem. If issues persist, it’s time to call Castle Electric. We can diagnose and remedy the problem, ensuring all your plugs are functional.

7) System Power Overload

Cause: Similar to flickering lights, an overloaded system occurs when too many devices are running on the same circuit, exceeding its capacity.

Prevention and Fix: Identifying which appliances are causing the overload is crucial. Castle Electric can assess your system’s capacity and make necessary adjustments or upgrades to handle your power needs effectively.

Newton Electrical Repair Pros Are Here to Help!

Electrical problems can be daunting, but understanding their causes and knowing how to prevent them can make a significant difference in maintaining a safe and efficient home or business. For issues beyond basic troubleshooting, Castle Electric is here to help. Our team of skilled electricians can provide quick, professional electrical services in Newton, MA and beyond to resolve any electrical issue, ensuring your system is safe and reliable.

Don’t let electrical problems keep you in the dark—reach out to Castle Electric for all your electrical needs!

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