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Charging Station Installation For Teslas & Other EVs


24 Years Of Electrical Service

What to Expect: EV Car Charger Installation Process

Electric vehicle ownership comes with tremendous benefits. Whether you’re driving your EV for speed, to go ‘green’, or because you love technology, there’s no doubt electric is the way of the future. The one downside is that you don’t want to get caught out with a dead battery. Having a professionally installed EV charging station in your home creates peace of mind and saves money on expensive 3rd party charging stations.

Calling Castle Electric means you’ll be getting an expert electrician with experience verifying your home can support an EV charging station and most importantly installing the charge safely in the best place for fast, easy use. Here’s what to expect when you call Castle Electric.

  1. Inspect your electrical system to ensure that your system can handle the new addition.
  2. Discuss your driving preferences with you and preferred location of where you want your charger installed.
  3. Once a plan is in place, our EV charger installation professional will install the charger quickly and in great efficiency.

24 Years Of Electrical Service

What Kind of Accessories I Use?

While buying a new car comes with many new things to get used to, making sure you have all that you need for your new Tesla is important.
With your new Tesla being the center of attention, you need the accessories to keep it properly running. For every model made there are different accessories and different equipment needed, but if you are new to the EV market, our electric technicians will happily advise you on which EV accessories to use.

24 Years Of Electrical Service


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Tesla Installation Help

With your new Tesla car you may have questions on how to operate your EV charger, but our Castle Electric professionals will always be here for you.

Our professionals take great pride in assisting our customers with their concerns. We will advise you on how to find a EV car charger as well as install your new charger perfectly. If you have concerns about how to operate your charger or if you are still confused about which equipment to use for your Tesla, our dedicated EV charger installation team will be here to help.

24 Years Of Electrical Service

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Castle Electric

You need to know what sets us apart from any other electrical company you can find online. To help you see what makes us different, here are some of the assurances we offer every client and every project:
Castle Electric was built from high-quality work and solid partnerships, and we feel our track record of success speaks for itself. We believe you’ll be able to tell the difference too.

24 Years Of Electrical Service


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24 Years Of Electrical Service

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