24 Years Of Experienece
24 Years Of Experienece

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Electrical Service in Norwood and all of Eastern Massachusetts.

Upgrades & Generators

24 Years Of Electrical Service

Standby Generator Installation

After harsh winter storms hitting the area, we have been receiving many inquiries for home and business back-up generators. At Castle Electric, Inc., we can customize the best option for your home or business, from a simple portable generator with a 6 circuit transfer switch to a standby generator installation run by natural gas.

Benefits of Standby Generator Installation:

There is no doubt that having backup power is a good option. Contact us today to find the best standby generator installation design for your home or business and budget.

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24 Years Of Electrical Service

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Service Upgrades

Home and business energy consumption is steadily on the rise. Every electrical item you add to your home or business increases the strain on your electrical service.

Your electrical service consists of the wires and pipes on the outside of the home or building, including the meter and the wires leading from the meter to your electrical panels. While every home or business’ set-up varies, we offer a free consultation that includes a written quote and an action plan to upgrade your current electrical service to meet demands. There are often several options to best suit your needs:
With each option there are many variables that we will help steer you through. Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

24 Years Of Electrical Service


What Our Clients Say

How Do I Know When It is Time For an Upgrade?

With your home and business depending heavily on your electrical system, it is important to make sure that it stays maintained. However, if you are wondering when it is time to upgrade your system, some signs to look out for include:

  • Burning Smell or Discolored Outlets – If you smell something burning, make sure to find the source because if it is ignored, it may cause a house fire. If there is a burning smell coming from the breaker box, it could either mean that your entire system is overloaded or one particular circuit is overloaded. One of the connections in your breaker box may also be loose. The burning smell could be caused by extra heat coming from too much current flowing through the wires. The heat from the wires could cause your outlets to turn darker or brown. 
  • Extension Cords – The overuse of extension cords to try to create more outlets can also be a sign of needing an upgrade. If you find yourself running out of outlets, looking at adding more circuits may help with eliminating the overuse of extension cords. Our certified Castle Electric professional can meet with you to let you know if there is an upgrade needed in your home or business. 
  • Breakers Continue to Trip – If your breaker trips every time you turn on a high draw appliance, then it is time to consider having an upgrade for your electrical system. Our professionals can come and check out your breakers to see if your system is using too much power with the electrical system it has and help you with making arrangements for an upgrade.
  • Aging System – If your service was last installed or upgraded more than 30 years ago, you may not be running on a 200 amp service. At a lower grade service, your electrical system may not be able to keep up with the modern appliances being used.
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24 Years Of Electrical Service

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Castle Electric

You need to know what sets us apart from any other electrical company you can find online. To help you see what makes us different, here are some of the assurances we offer every client and every project:
Castle Electric was built from high-quality work and solid partnerships, and we feel our track record of success speaks for itself. We believe you’ll be able to tell the difference too.
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What Happens If I Disregard Having An Upgrade?

Making sure that the electricity in your home is safe and functioning properly is important for your everyday use. Ignoring electrical issues that has plagued your home can be a worry that never ends. Along with having to worry about a fire breaking out because of faulty wiring, some of the other issues that can take over your home without an updated electrical system are:

  • Power Outage – If new appliances need to be added it is important to make sure your electricity is upgraded to fit your needs. Contacting Castle Electric for an upgrade will help prevent any future power outages from outdated electrical systems.
  • Possible Electrocution – Keeping your wiring maintained in your home is something that should always be a priority. Having one of our professionals check the wiring and electrical system in your home will help with eliminating the chance of accidental electrocution.

24 Years Of Electrical Service


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