24 Years Of Experienece
24 Years Of Experienece

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Choosing an electrician isn’t as easy as screwing in a lightbulb. When it comes to quality, electrical wiring, searching for a cheap handyman may not be the best option. Even the smallest wiring mishap can blow a fuse, become a serious fire hazard, or worse.

As a homeowner, you want to make sure the electric wires throughout your home are functioning properly, well organized, and safely secured. Professional electricians have years of experience under their belt, and the expertise to prevent electrical hazards. So, before calling your top candidates, here are a few things to look for when choosing an electrician:

1. They Need a License

First and foremost, every electrician should be licensed and certified. A licensed electrician has gone through extensive training and apprenticeship, meaning thousands of hours of building, installing, and maintaining electrical systems. They can legally perform the required work and are educated in electrical codes and safety procedures. A certification, although not required, is highly recommended, as it confirms that the electrician specializes in their field of work.  

2. They Need Insurance

In case of electrocution or other on-the-job safety hazards, it’s important for an electrician to have liability insurance. An insured electrician is not only looking out for the safety of themselves but also the business or home in which they work. Handling circuits or other electrical fixtures can be a dangerous business, as tampering with electricity can cause some serious, even fatal injuries. Before hiring an electrician, ask if they have coverage and if they can provide verification.

3. Review Their Reputation

As with anyone you hire, it’s good to check their previous work and references. A great electrician will have an admirable reputation. They don’t just do the job, but they do it well, efficiently, and have excellent customer service. A few ways to check online for reviews include the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. You can also search for the electrician’s Google Business page or social media pages to see what customers have said or rated. Be sure to check what their reviews say across all platforms, to make sure they’re accurate and up to date.

4. They Follow Code Standards

It’s easy to find an electrician who will ignore the code of standards and do the work cheaper, but you want someone who puts the client’s safety first. While interviewing a potential electrician, look for integrity. An honest, qualified electrician will abide by safety standards while working. They also may offer advice on safety procedures for your business or home moving forward.

5. They Prioritize Communication

Last, when choosing an electrician, pay attention to how they prioritize communication with you. If they answer and return calls in a timely manner and provide digital quotes via email, they clearly understand that effective communication goes hand-in-hand with customer service. A professional electrician will make sure his client is well informed of the work performed.

With Castle Electric, you’re guaranteed professional, quality work from a certified electrician. Our team is dedicated to performing top notch service on every project. If you live in the Eastern Massachusetts area and need electrical assistance for your home or business, give us a call.