Knob and Tube Removal

Knob and tube wiring is simply an older form of electrical wiring. It is ungrounded which creates an extra danger since it will not blow a fuse or trip a breaker in the same manner as a grounded circuit.

When does knob and tube need to be replaced?

Typically it comes up on a home sale or transfer, since insurance companies will not insure a home that has live knob and tube wiring in it.

The other common scenario is when you want to insulate your home. The insulation company will ask a licensed electrician to sign a form that indicates there is no live knob and tube wiring in the home.

Also, homeowners might simply want to update outdated wiring for safety purposes.

Can you re-use some of the wiring?

No we need to kill off the entire circuit and run new wires to anything on that circuit. It is the only way to ensure that everything on the circuit is now dead.

Will holes need to be made to run the wires?

We make holes as a last resort. When there is an attic above or basement below we can often drill into the walls from those spaces, which means zero visible holes. However, in space with no open space above or below, we are usually forced to make small holes to snake wires. We typically will fill the holes with a lightweight patch so it can be painted after the fact and look as good as new.

What will I end up with after it is removed?

You will end up with new grounded wiring totally up to current code standards.

How do I start the process?

Simply click on the request a quote button on the top of this page and we will take it from there!

knob tube example