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24 Years Of Experienece

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24 Years Of Electrical Service

Knob And Tube Removal

Knob and tube wiring is simply an older form of electrical wiring. It is ungrounded which creates an extra danger since it will not blow a fuse or trip a breaker in the same manner as a grounded circuit.

When does knob and tube need to be replaced?

Typically it comes up on a home sale or transfer, since insurance companies will not insure a home that has live knob and tube wiring in it. The other common scenario is when you want to insulate your home.

The insulation company will ask a licensed knob and tube removal electrician to sign a form that indicates there is no live knob and tube wiring in the home.
Also, homeowners might simply want to update outdated wiring for safety purposes.

24 Years Of Electrical Service

Can you re-use some of the wiring?

No we need to kill off the entire circuit and run new wires to anything on that circuit. It is the only way to ensure that everything on the circuit is now dead.

Will holes need to be made to run the wires?

We make holes as a last resort. When there is an attic above or basement below we can often drill into the walls from those spaces, which means zero visible holes. However, in space with no open space above or below, we are usually forced to make small holes to snake wires. We typically will fill the holes with a lightweight patch so it can be painted after the fact and look as good as new.

What will I end up with after it is removed?

You will end up with new grounded wiring totally up to current code standards.

How do I start the process?

Simply click on the request a quote button on the top of this page to book our knob and tube removal service and we will take it from there!

24 Years Of Electrical Service


What Our Clients Say

Why Knob and Tube Removal Removal is Important

Once it is time to update your electrical system in your home making sure the knobs and tubes are removed is important. An aging home that has used a knob and tube electrical system may have an insulation system between 60 to 100 years old. This system would make it dangerous to have. Besides this older form of electrical work being a hazard other reasons why knobs and tubes must be removed from a home are:

  • Insurance Challenge – Many insurance companies will not insure homes with a knob and tube system because of the risk and because homeowners can dangerously perform modifications to the home. 
  • Modification Issues – If a home has had a knob and tubing system for years, many DIY homeowners may have made changes to their electrical systems, with some changes including splicing a lamp cord into old wiring, replacing whole sections with extension cords, or wrapping frayed cables in electrical tape. With changes like this made to a home, the entire electrical system can be disturbed or even dangerous if not done right.
  • Flammable Hazard – Older wiring can be flammable even if it hasn’t cracked. Old natural rubber can also be a hazard if it has rotted away and has left the wiring exposed. With old wiring lacking a ground wire, if a ceramic knob breaks or a wire sags, live wires may droop across wood or other flammable surfaces.

24 Years Of Electrical Service

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Castle Electric

You need to know what sets us apart from any other electrical company you can find online. To help you see what makes us different, here are some of the assurances we offer every client and every project:
Castle Electric was built from high-quality work and solid partnerships, and we feel our track record of success speaks for itself. We believe you’ll be able to tell the difference too.

How Do I Know If I have a Knob and Tube Home?

The knob and tube electrical system became popular between the 1800s and 1950s. During this time when knob and tube wiring was considered ultramodern, it was necessary for many homeowners to have this type of system in their homes. However, there are ways to tell if your home is a knob and tube wired home. 

  • Attic – A common area where knob and tube wiring is placed, is in the attic. Sometimes the wiring may be hidden by insulation, but if you find any wiring connected to white small ceramic pieces, then your home does have knob and tube wiring. 
  • Basement – The basement is another common area where knob and tube wiring can be located in a home. When going into the basement, it can be found under the floorboard above. It is just  as it is in the attic. If you come across any wiring connected to ceramic pieces, then there is knob and tube wiring in your home.
  • Walls and Ceilings – Knob and tube wiring can also be found in the walls and ceilings of a home. Unfortunately, you will not be able to find the wiring on your own if they are hidden in the walls. You will have to access the electrical box that houses the circuit breakers. This will require a certified electrician to help with finding where the wires are through the circuit breakers, because accidently touching a live wire can be lethal. To be on the safe side contact our knob and tube removal experts and we will help you find the knob and tube wiring in your home.

24 Years Of Electrical Service

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